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We are founded in the year 2000 and registered under German Banking Law. We are specialized in rule-based Investment Strategies

Kahneman Nobel Prizewinner

Our Investment Background

Private Investors often follow their Personal Inspiration and Gut Feelings. But Financial Markets are volatile and sometimes erratic. This leads into Psychological Traps: Hope and Fear, Exaltation and Panic are emotional perils impeding long-term success in securities investing.

Different studies have shown that investment success is most likely if investor decisions are based on fixed rules that are implemented independently from individual forecasts and current market moves. That´s why  Dr. Lux & Präuner recommends RULE BASED INVESTMENT STRATEGIES. We don´t rely on prognoses or gurus. We just follow an easy and therefore transparent set of rules.


Our Investment Strategies:

Smart Minds

Portfolio of actively managed Stock & Bond Funds of well-known Fund Managers (i.e. Warren Buffet, Edouard Carmignac & others)

Smart Minds Dr. Lux & Praeuner
Global Brands Dr. Lux & Praeuner

Global Brands

Optimized Multi-Asset-Portfolio of Index Funds (ETF) covering Stocks, Bonds and Commodities

We invest in internationally known Blue Chip Stocks, which are characterised by proven Business Concepts (mainly Consumer or Luxury Goods).

Global Markets

Optimized Multi-Asset-Portfolio of Index Funds (ETF) covering Stocks, Bonds and Commodities.

Global Markets
Sokrates (MOAR) Dr. Lux & Praeuner

Sokrates (MOAR)

Anti-Cyclical Investment in Index Funds (ETF) covering 4 Asset Classes:

  • Stock Markets
  • Bonds mid-term
  • Bonds long-term
  • Gold&Platinum

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